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Hot Topics

Check out these message board conversations, and join in the discussion! But first, please read our disclaimer.

CMGI, Compaq, AltaVista: Take 1
Reports of CMGI buying the AltaVista search service from Compaq have CMGI Fools wondering how the pieces fit in the company's grand puzzle. Meanwhile, over on the Compaq board, the questions is....

CMGI, Compaq, AltaVista: Take 2
... If Compaq plans to sell products and services on the 'Net, why dispose of the in-place asset for implementing that strategy? Is this a management decision made in panic because other major problems at Compaq have yet to surface?

Amazon: Finding Equilibrium
Amazon.com investors analyze the competition to determine just how competitive the company can be while maintaining low prices and good service.

Iomega: Talking Turkey With Jody Glore
Iomega's President and CEO is corralled at the company's PC Expo booth. Topics range from the Clik! PC card to the ZipCD to the search for a CFO.

New! Intel Wafers!
At first, Hot Topics thought it was a breakfast cereal. Turns out Intel plans to start 300mm production on a 0.13 micron process with copper metalization at its D1C technology development fab. Does that make any sense? If so, have we got a thread for you!

The AOLization of E*Trade
E*Trade's aggressive marketing doesn't just get the attention of customers. It's got investors asking, "is this any way to run a company?"

Tarzan: A Real Swinger for Disney
Disney Fools are Goofy about the new animated feature, Tarzan. Is it Dopey to think this success will translate into dollars for investors?

Cisco Valuations, Please
"How do the rest of you justify this stock's price, other than the fact that it runs like a horse on steroids?" Cisco supporters and neigh-sayers run the issue around the track.

Anything For a Buck
Fools on the Living Below Your Means board share their tips and stories on the most frugal things they've done to save a dollar. It's a regular Foolfest of "Can you top this," and you're invited to share your penny-pinching ideas.

The Liabilities of Living Debt-Free
I've never gotten to the point of realizing I was in over my head. If my path in life doesn't lead me through financial hard times, how will I learn?

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