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Hot Topics

Check out these message board conversations, and join in the discussion! But first, please read our disclaimer.

Amazonian Zoology
A Fool's guide to the wildlife found along the click-stream of our Amazon board. From the Cheering Bull (Bos hortari) to the Giant Crash Bear (Ursus MCMXXIX megahorribilis), they're all there.

Qwest: Apple or Orange
Can Qwest's dual bids for both US WEST and Frontier be compared to WorldCom's acquisition of MCI? Or are we talking apples and oranges? "MCI was not a weak, poorly managed, regulated regional monopoly," says a less-than-happy Qwest Fool.

Lucent For Novices
This novice investor likes Lucent and is considering buying some shares "for approximately 6 months." Thankfully, and Foolishly, some more experienced community members shed some light on the subject.

Do Metromedia Fiber & AboveNet Fit?
Metromedia Fiber is acquiring AboveNet, and members familiar with both companies look for the common thread and strategy behind the move -- with a little help from our TMF techies.

DoubleClick: The AltaVista Factor
AltaVista is DoubleClick's largest client. DoubleClick competes with CMGI's Adsmart. If CMGI buys AltaVista, where does that leave DoubleClick? Single-click the above link for some Foolworthy analysis.

An eBay Tale
After many successful eBay transactions, I seem to have been taken by someone. Is it unethical of me to e-mail the current high bidders on this seller's other auctions and tell them about my problem?

Does Microsoft Truly Have Competition?
The government's argument is falling apart in light of rapid change in the industry, trying a case that has become irrelevant in today's world of computing.

3Com in the Forefront?
In search of an emerging industry, a new investor wonders if wireless devices such as 3Com's PalmPilot qualify. Is Microsoft's Windows CE significant competition? In a wired-but-wireless world, is 3Com in the forefront?

Iomega: Focusing on Clik!
Iomega is rolling out its Clik! technology. But its failure to participate in a press reception at a digital imaging expo has some this Iomegan calling for a Clik! evangelist.

The Subtext Game
Statement: "Come in and have some popcorn, and make yourself comfortable. Have a great show!" Subtext: "I don't make any money off box office for a month, so won't you please buy a large popcorn?"

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