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Check out these message board conversations, and join in the discussion! But first, please read our disclaimer.

Coping With Coke
A Coca-Cola investor wonders whether the glory days for the company have lost their fizz in light of the problems in Europe. Will Coke loyalists be quenching their thirsts with other beverages, or is this reminiscent of the Tylenol scare of the '80s?

Dealing With Doldrums on Berkshire Hathaway
Fluctuations on the stock making you crazy? One Fool on the Berkshire Hathaway board gives his suggestions for dealing with the doldrums in the company's stock price.

Should I Transfer to a Lower Rate?
My balance will be paid off in less than a year, so would it really be beneficial for me to transfer to a lower rate now? Fools on the Credit Card board come to the rescue with worthwhile thoughts and advice.

Cisco Fools Say Nay to Internet Taxes
The idea of taxing Internet transactions has once again reared its ugly head, and Fools have no qualms about sharing their thoughts on the topic. This is one Hot Topic that won't go away anytime soon.

Amazon and Drugstore.com: Just the Prescription!
Fools discuss the latest deals involving health plans offering members prescriptions through drugstore.com and the positive effects this will have for Amazon. "Those of you who have been skeptical about the drugstore.com deal might want to re-evaluate your position."

C'mon, Iomega, Get The Picture
One Fool wishes IOM would come out with a camera already so his shutterbug wife could start saving by not having to buy so much film. Stop in and see what "develops."

Will Tarzan Roar Like The Lion King?
Disney investors feel like the king of the jungle over Disney's newest animated film, and discussion branches out from limb to limb over potential sequels to this loinclothed vine swinger.

Why I Sold AOL
I'm still bullish, but how big can it actually get? One Fool explains his thoughts as to why he's moved on to other companies for his investing dollars.

What's So "Fab" about Intel?
"I own Intel and read this board, but could someone identify a 'fab' for me? Just read lots of messages using that term, and I haven't a clue as to what it means."

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