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Lycos and Alta Vista: Any Portal in a Storm
CMGI already owns a sizeable chunk of Lycos, but now it wants to buy out AltaVista as well. So what does Wetherell want with all the portals, anyway?

ATHM: Funny Ha-Ha, or Funny Weird?
Goofyhoofy summarizes the sundry controversies of the @Home message board in his typically sardonic style. And hey, while we're at it -- what is the real role of regulation in the cable access mess?

Is Starbucks Just a Fad?
"Somehow, squandering 12 minutes of a 15-minute break standing in line at a Starbucks counter for the privilege of paying $1.40 to upwards of $4US for a cup of coffee just doesn't make sense to me."

Intel's Intrinsic Value
Emulating Buffett, chip-watching Fools make an attempt at calculating Intel's intrinsic value.

A Vulnerable Spot for Microsoft?
"What happens if IBM makes Lotus SmartSuite FREE?" asks one contributor. Could it knock the legs out from under Softie? And what would be the antitrust implications?

Owning Too Much Cisco Is a Nice Problem to Have
"My wife and I have owned CSCO for several years and realized it is now in the six figures and is a third of our holdings. That kinda makes me nervous!" Is it time to rebalance this portfolio?

Amazon: Predicting Tomorrow's Cash Today
"Some of you may be wondering why I would be so 'foolish' to attempt to calculate Amazon's future cash flows," writes Douglas403. "Perhaps the answer is best reflected in the following question: Why do people attempt to climb the highest mountain?"