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Hot Topics

Check out these message board conversations, and join in the discussion! But first, please read our disclaimer.

Playing Monopoly @Home
The discussion on the Portland decision rages along on the @Home board, raising questions of monopoly and the advisability of government regulation.

E*Trade's Small Accounts
A magazine article reports that E*Trade's average account size is smaller than some of its best-known competitors. Is this a cause for concern?

Investing Monthly in the Foolish Four
"Is dollar cost averaging in the RP4 truly Foolish, or is there a better way?" Check out the Dow Investing/Foolish Four board for the answer.

The Anti-LBYM Board
Living Below Your Means is all well and good. But what are you unwilling to do without, whatever the price?

A Fool Looks to Become Smarter
On the Credit Cards board, a Fool with some long-standing debts seeks advice on how to settle accounts.

Branding Wave Systems
"With all of the talk about Internet and data security of recent weeks, it is obvious that Wave has done an extremely poor job of touting its existence." So, what steps should WAVX take to secure its brand?

Is the Government Anti-Apple?
One Fool thinks so. Is there really a government bias against Apple Computers, or is that idea just paranoia?