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Hot Topics

Check out these message board conversations, and join in the discussion! But first, please read our disclaimer.

TSCM -- Taking on The Wall Street Journal
One Fool's belief that TheStreet.com is in position to crush Dow Jones sparks a lively dialogue about the future of online publishing versus the more restrictive culture of the paper press.

SBUX -- What Price Excellence?
While eagerly anticipating the company's soon-to-be-announced 'Net venture, Starbucks Fools pour a cuppa and discuss ambience, marketing, and the price of beans.

California Mourning
But they're playing a dirge on the Folly in California board, where Starbucks has caused a "Pasqua Morte" thread over news that the coffee giant is buying out Cafe Pasqua.

Did CMGI Steal AltaVista from Compaq?
Some think CMGI is getting a great bargain while leaving CPQ shareholders feeling robbed of the lion's share of a valuable asset. Did Compaq give AltaVista away?

Pfizer and Medicare Reform -- Rx for Profits?
"After reading Clinton's reforms for prescription drug benefits I see nothing that would reduce profitability in the drug industry; on the contrary I see it as bullish. People who couldn't afford prescriptions will now be able to and others who took half of their prescriptions due to cost won't have to hold back."

Wake Up and Smell the Coke
Fools respond to a poster who feels that Coca Cola's time in the sun may be over, at least in terms of continued double-digit growth.

Hong Kong Disney
Long-time contributor "Disney Dan" ponders the potential for risk if a Hong Kong Disney Park were to become a pawn in the political tension between the U.S. and China.

VISX -- Surgeon, Heal Thyself
A Lasix surgeon undergoes the laser procedure on both his eyes and shares the happy results with readers of the VISX board less than 24 hours afterwards.

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