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Amazon: The Blind Men & the Elephant
The crux of the bull/bear split is bulls believe we see much of the elephant while bears latch onto pieces -- the tail usually, or an ear -- and attempt to extrapolate from there.

Dell: On the Dinosaur Track
This stock and company are falling for precisely the same reason they ascended so spectacularly. They are in trouble because of the pace of change in technology.

E*Trade, C*Schwab, and a Little H*rse Sense
An E*Trade stockholder looks to customer demographics to determine if account size matters. His conclusions are just a click away.

Apple: Dancing in the Aisles of Sears
A Texas Fool and Apple fan stops by Sears to see how the iMac is faring. The blueberry model is up and running! So put on your lunatic fringe and share his adventure. "It just keeps getting better...."

Fools on TheStreet.com. Wrong? Right?
TheStreet.com investors should be asking two questions. What barriers to entry are there to the creation of more financial Web sites? How many financial Web sites can the Internet profitably support?

Starbucks: Real vs. Internet Dollars
Is that anything like real vs. decaf? Or is it the other way around? Either way, this Starbucks Fool thinks the company's Internet strategy is "a major blunder for shareholder value."