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Hot Topics

Check out these message board conversations, and join in the discussion! But first, please read our disclaimer.

"JFK Jr.'s Plane Is Missing..."
The Community reacts to the Kennedy/Bessette Tragedy.

Details of the Qwest/US WEST Deal
So, it looks like the deal is finally going down. Come join the Fools as they examine the fine print.

Iridium, Inc. -- Flawed?
The stock has been behaving badly, and the company is having trouble coming up with the cash to pay its loans. So what's going wrong here?

EMC Corporation's Flowie
Fools on the EMC board have been looking at flow ratios. Just how does this stuff work? Check out this thread for a real-world example.

Apple and the Internet
"Riddle me this, Batman, just how does the Internet change how business and consumers interact in a fundamental way?" Fools consider Apple's response to the changing face of retailing.

KeraVision... Looking Good?
KeraVision's Intac rings can correct minor vision problems, but unlike laser surgery, the procedure is reversible. Doctors on the KERA board take a look at the advantages.

So, Is AOL Just Another ISP?
One contributor to the AOL message board was daring enough to say so. Read the ensuing fallout.

Guten Tag, Amazon!
A German Fool reports on Amazon's service in Europe. Is the online retailer ready to take on the world?

Coca-Cola: Rum and Pepsi? Heeeyuck!
Would you even think of ordering a Rum & Pepsi? What does that thought mean for KO's branding? Also, discover the secret to Runkle's success.

Stop That Check!
Say your car repair guy loses the check you gave him for services rendered. Just what are your obligations? For answers, visit Aruba's Isle of Revenge!

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