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Hot Topics

Check out these message board conversations, and join in the discussion! But first, please read our disclaimer.

Snappy Answers to Stupid Questions
Some job interview questions can be pretty lame. What's the best way to respond to them? Ask the Headhunter!

Trashing Starbucks
An espresso bar manager has some extremely critical things to say about Starbucks, its employees, its product, and its tactics. Naturally, shareholders beg to differ.

Owning Cisco's Competition
"All this talk here about Lucent, Cisco and how their markets are converging suggests that one day they will be fighting one another directly." Given this observation, does it make sense to own both companies?

ATHM: Do We Really Need Multiple ISPs?
"Here's a question for you. Do we really need multiple ISPs to ensure open access to content on the Internet?" Fools on the At Home board wanna know.

More House vs. Lower Monthly Payments
You're buying a house. You can get a great rate on a mortgage. Should you buy all the house you can afford, or settle for less house in favor of a lower monthly payment?

Should I Buy a Car, or Lease?
It's the age-old question. Look for the Foolish answer on the Buying & Maintaining a Car board.

IOM: Danger in the Clik! Paradigm Shift
Maybe Iomega ends up competing with itself in promoting the Clik! disk. Maybe not. As "usaul," there are no clear answers.

Bill Gates, Michael Dell, and Huge Piles of Money
A report on Bill Gates's salary prompts a discussion on how top executives rack up the big bucks. Has Michael Dell earned the billions he now has?

AOL as a Utility
"Despite all the hype surrounding the Internet and its recent stellar growth, isn't AOL merely a latter-day utility company?"

Calculating Your Net Worth for Retirement
Every Fool should know his or her net worth. But how should you account for your expected pension benefits in the calculation?

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