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Check out these message board conversations, and join in the discussion! But first, please read our disclaimer.

Should AOL and @Home Make a Deal?
"It seems to me that what's really going on here is that AOL and ATHM will do a deal, and that the fight we're witnessing between them is about each company trying to improve its bargaining position."

@Home -- Not Just a Dumb Pipe
"I sense that many here believe that unless ATHM gets exclusive ISP rights, it has no hope of competing against AOL. I just don't see it this way. ATHM bought Excite to be more than just a dumb pipe ISP."

Whose Fence Is It, Anyway?
When the next door neighbor decides it's time to replace the fence, should you be expected to pony up the cash? The Living Below Your Means board is discussing how good fences make good neighbors.

Did Microsoft Really Call Linux a Threat?
An internal memo reveals Microsoft describing Linux as posing a "significant" revenue threat to its Windows NT system and unleashes a debate over the meaning of "significant".

Eggs in One Basket
A worried wife seeks advice from the Retirement Investing Fools. Her husband has almost his entire 401(k) invested in his employer's stock. Is this Foolish?

The Starbucks Debate, Round Two
The great coffee debate continues into its second day between those who love Starbucks, those who don't, and those who hate the coffee but love the stock.

Softy Speaks -- Is Dell Listening?
Fools on the Dell board are chewing over Microsoft's mood-dampening warning of slower PC growth next year. How much does a statement like this affect the outlook for Dell?

Hewlett-Packard -- Will Two Be Better Than One?
Change is in the air at HWP. With a new CEO (the first woman to head a Dow 30 company) and a new company to be named next week, Fools discuss how the spin-off will work for shareholders.

Cisco and Everyone Else
Generally, it is probably safe to assume that the future for telecom equipment makers looks like the proverbial expanding pie. Hence, an investment in any of these companies for the long term may be very sound.

Got a Headache? Check the Date.
A Fool gets attention by filling a shopping cart full of expired medicines from the pharmacy shelves and wheeling it over to the store manager. Check out Aruba's Isle of Revenge for more ways to "get even" the Foolish way.

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