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Hot Topics

Check out these message board conversations, and join in the discussion! But first, please read our disclaimer.

AOL and the Problem With Cable
Fools on the AOL board discuss the problems with cable, but for every point there's a counterpoint made. Stop by and voice your thoughts on the importance of cable to surf the net.

Apple: Does QuickTimeTV Need Polishing?
Enthusiastic Apple fans rush to embrace its newest multimedia magic. But some report that "it doesn't work." Or is it just too high-end for the average Mac-arena? Is anyone at Apple listening?

Move Over, iMac, iBook has Arrived
Apple unveils a new chapter with iBook, and investors are lovin' what they see. Will these shiny new laptops mean that Apple is going to get shinier too?

AMTD and Kids
"I want to help my 14-year-old daughter open a brokerage account, but Ameritrade says we need $2000 to open an account. How can we start investing if we need so much to get started?"

Lucent's Little Dividend
That darn "record date." Unlike with a stock split, where the record date doesn't matter (really, it doesn't), dividends play by different rules. TMF Jeanie sheds light on the subject.

Is MP3 Technology Truly Music to Investors' Ears?
"I understand that MP3 technology has changed the music industry forever, but after reading about recent restrictions, patents and competitors, I wonder if the rush to invest in MPPP isn't based more on hype than substance."

Upgrade My 'Puter? No Thanks
"I've FOOLISHLY kept myself from being a sucker for all those useless memory and hard drive upgrades." Fools on the Living Below Your Means Board share their tips on living without the latest computer technology.

I Wanna New Broker
One Fool on the Discount Broker Board seeks advice on how to transfer from one broker to another. Is it complicated? Not when other Fools come to the rescue with the answers.

That's the Lease Of It
Fools on the Buying and Maintaining a Car Board share their thoughts on whether leasing is just the ticket or whether it's a way to get taken for a ride.

Amazon Books a Quarter
Higher revenues. Higher losses. One of the 'Net's most controversial companies reports another quarter and announces another stock split. Check out the reactions on one of Fooldom's most popular boards.

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