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Check out these message board conversations, and join in the discussion! But first, please read our disclaimer.

IBM's "Shark" is No Jaws to EMC Investors
Fools share their thoughts on Big Blue's new "EMC Killer", named Shark, and they don't seem to be too afraid of the water. Is this a killer shark, or merely a flounder?

AOL and Free Internet Access
America Online is facing fierce competition overseas from the no-fee Internet access companies. Can revenues from advertising can make up the difference?

Apple Investors are Up, Up and Away over AirPort
Will AirPort technology help Apple to take wing? Leave your wires at home and visit the AAPL board to discover what AirPort is all about and why shareholders are flying high.

Ask Yahoo!
Fools are invited to post their questions, as Tim Koogle of Yahoo! joins Tom and David on the Fool Radio Show. What would you like to ask the company President/CEO?

Pfizer's New Drug
PFE Fools share their thoughts on the company's new schizophrenia drug. What impact will this have on Pfizer's bottom line?

Can MP3.com Hit a High Note as a Rule Breaker?
An investor applies the Rule Breaker criteria to MPPP and looks for advice and comments from other Fools. Stop by to share your opinions and see what others are saying about the company.

Should Knight/Trimark Lay Off the Advertising?
NITE investors debate the issue of advertising spending, sacrificing profit to gain market share. Since NITE is not an online broker, is there really a need to spend money on name recognition?

Hey, Amazon, You're Tempting Me!
I'm getting tempted again to mortgage the house now that AMZN is splitting. I really think that Bezos has something up his sleeve. Just one request... talk me out of it!

Retirement is More Than a State of Mind
Fools on the Retire Early Home Page discuss the best states in which to retire. Which states offer the best standard of living once it's time to kick back and relax?

My First Home Sweet Home
House? Apartment? Townhouse? A prospective home buyer poses the question of what type of home to buy and the best way of going about it.

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