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Double Standard For AOL?
"If AOL praticed what it preaches then maybe I could concur that they have a legitimate argument..." The instant messaging war is heating up again.

Divining CMGI
"Certainly at some point, financial asset inflation could be a major problem in US markets." Should you be cheering the bull on? Some people in the CMGI folder say no.

"Look, Guys, Let's Panic."
Is it NITE time, or lights out for Knight/Trimark? Announcements can be so confusing.

Have AAPL and MSFT Found an Easier Victim?
"Random thought: Do you think Gates and Jobs have signed some kind of Hitler-Stalin non-aggression pact? Does that mean Linux is Poland? ;-) "

Who is the Competition for Amazon.com? No doubt Amazon is the leader, but of what, and who is competing?

"Nothing New at Compaq"
A CEO hired from within in a troubled company often gets no honeymoon.

"Nacchio Burns Me Up"
Does the Qwest CEO have an ego problem? Even if that's so, these Fools counsel staying the course.

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