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AOL's Mighty Case at Bat
You said you wanted a little AOL poetry, didn't you? Well, didn't you?

@Home Shareholders Are Wary
"San Fran recognizes that broadband has competition and that AT&T and @Home have a right to recoup costs, until the pipes are built. Once they are built, will they switch sides an adopt a position of forced access?"

eBay Is NOT Microsoft
"Look, we all wish we bought IBM when it first came out, or McDonald's, or Wal-Mart or Microsoft. But for every one of those stocks, there are a thousand or two thousand that either perform normally or perform poorly."

Amazon's Numbers
As AMZN's price slumps following the company's latest earnings report, Fools take a close look at the numbers.

Uh-Oh! Barron's Is Positive On NITE
Barron's, one of Wall Street's most reliable contrary indicators, had some good things to say about Knight/Trimark. Should investors panic?

Barnes and Noble and barnesandnoble
Are the relative valuations of BKS and BNBN irrational? And if so, can a Fool make a buck at it?

Apple Needs a Browser Now!!
What's the one thing that Microsoft has that Apple doesn't? An Internet browser! Should Apple get one?

living.com debuts, and some SBUX shareholders are concerned that Starbucks is nowhere to be seen on the site.

Microsoft Isn't a Gorilla. It's King Kong!
"I just can't help believing that MSFT is still an OGI (obviously great investment).... I refuse to believe that I can lose with this stock given 30 years or so to hold and watch."

Nickel-and-Dimed to Death
Banks charging to take change? Why, this is an outrage!

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