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Hot Topics

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AOL vs. The World
The formidable AOL is fighting not just @Home (content, pipe) but AT&T (brand name, marketing, partnerships) and the mighty Microsoft (platform, ubiquity, more money than God).

Wal-Mart vs. the NIMBYs
It seems every time Wal-Mart announces a new store somewhere, the neighbors mobilize a "Not In My Back Yard" rally. Why does success stir up so much controversy?

Is Pepsi Now Selling Whine?
Cola Wars reheat as Fools on the KO board discuss whether Pepsi is trying to gain a competitive edge by distracting Coke with regulatory and legal challenges.

AT&T/AOL -- Is Open Access Debate a Sham?
I think this sham of a debate has gone on long enough and demand that ATHM demonstrate that AOL can be the first thing the ATHM cable subscriber sees when he uses his cable modem connection.

UPS Plans a New Delivery
United Parcel Service has stunned the business world with news that it will launch an IPO before the end of the year. Is the future of e-commerce the catalyst for this move?

Examining Amazon.com's Cash
"I have often heard bulls praise Amazon for its positive cash flow, and I was wondering how much of this positive cash flow is the result of acquisitions and how much is because of operations."

Intel Suddenly a Darling Again?
The pundits of Wall Street are smiling at Intel and tossing out bullish price targets. Is it long-term love, or are the Wise just whispering sweet nothings?

Lucent Reality Check
A Fool living in Tokyo gives his perspective on the growth prospects for Lucent in Asia over the next decade and shares a five-point reality check for holding long term.

Is the Disney Theme Park Fantasy Fading?
If Disney's theme parks are among the company's best-performing assets, the company may be taking them for granted while focusing on movies and ABC/ESPN.

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