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Hot Topics

Check out these message board conversations, and join in the discussion! But first, please read our disclaimer.

AOL's Five-Year Plan
Does anyone here think America Online will have collapsed 5 years from now due to competition or mismanagement?

Free Excite@Home?
Following published reports of significant price reductions, a Fool suggests that Excite@Home should offer free service just long enough to attract new customers, then raise the price.

Apple's $100m Samsung Investment
Apple is investing in Samsung to insure its supply of flat panel displays. Looking deeper, one Foolish observer sees it as another sign of Apple maturing beyond its "not invented here" mentality.

Wal-Mart: Economics 101
"OK, folks. Enough is enough." Poorgirl, rich in Foolishness, answers some of the more common criticisms of Wal-Mart.

Amazon's Warehouses
With well-placed warehouses, Amazon's goal is 48 hours from order to delivery. But can there really be a 330% increase in picking books from inventory?

Valuing Berkshire
PatrickTheFool and HonkyTonkFool collaborate -- Foolishly, of course! -- on the age-old question: How to value the House of Buffett.

3Dfx: Technology Is Not the Key
Surveying the competition facing this high-tech company, a 3Dfx Fool concludes, "If everyone here thinks a technology lead will mean salvation for 3Dfx -- you're going to be disappointed."

Intimate Brands Drip: Secret Is Out
They're keeping the site bookmarked. But these Fools don't think much of the new online Drip plan from Intimate Brands, the parent of Victoria's Secret.

Rule Maker? Rule Breaker?
So how DO you tell them apart? What makes one company a rule maker, another a rule breaker? As one Fool put it, looking beyond the numbers, "clearly there's some subjective stuff here too."

The System Works?
"I've got to say that as an outsider looking in, the U.S. political system is crippled by a number of factors." A Fool's-eye view from Dublin.

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