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What Did Compaq's 8,000 Do?
Fools wonder just how a company like Compaq can decide to let 8,000 people go. What in the world did they do (or not do) that they are so expendable?

Wal-Mart In Your Backyard
Of course nobody wants a hazardous waste incinerator or high-level nuclear waste dump in their backyard. How about a Wal-Mart?

Another Alphabet Lesson from Apple?
Could the "A" in Apple and AOL come before the "M" in Microsoft? Apple and America Online are collaborating on an instant messaging service, extending this service to Macintosh users.

The Wise Fail to Comprehend Berkshire Hathaway
Columnist Eric Tyson refers to Berkshire Hathaway as a mutual fund, and Fools discuss his lack of understanding of the company's insurance businesses. He also forgets Berkshire's other wholly owned subsidiaries.

Amazon.com vs. Paying for Service
Amazon offers a lot that traditional booksellers don't. However, it lacks the personal touch. Is it worth the difference in price and time?

Microsoft: Remember the Bell Telephone Company?
A rumor is about that the Department of Justice is considering the option of breaking up Microsoft, much in the manner of AT&T years ago. Could Microsoft go the way of Rockefeller's Standard Oil?

Can Past Performance Predict Intel's Future?
This Fool wonders what has happened in the past when Intel introduced new products, and what we can expect with the introduction of the new processor. Other Fools give their take on it.

What? No Down Payment?
For Fools with a large enough portfolio, a mortgage with stock for collateral just might be an option. Fools discuss the positives and negatives in this thread.

401(k) or Debt
A Fool wonders if she should use her 401(k) distribution from a job she is leaving to pay off her debt, or to roll it over. Other Fools weigh in.

Throw It Under the Couch?
What should you do with your loose change? These Fools discuss the options.

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