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Are Amazon.com's Customers Buying Less?
As Barron's tosses another bomb at the e-tailer, Fools are busy dissecting the bearish examination of Amazon's revenue growth prospects.

UPS -- A Company Everyone Can Understand.
Fools are browsing through the financials in an attempt to reach an estimated valuation for United Parcel Service once it goes public.

In Defense of Wal-Mart
Consider small towns where Wal-Mart is not located. Are their Mom & Pop stores still the same as in the 1950s? No. Only difference is that Wal-Mart doesn't get the blame for once.

AOL's Messaging War with Microsoft
There's no way I can justify the way MSFT approached this... and if you buy it and the press buys it and the world buys it, then we're giving MSFT a lot of control over the rules of any game they want to play!

Kicking the Tires at Starbucks
A Fool takes the Peter Lynch approach to researching his investments and visits a local Starbucks to talk with employees. What he discovers clinches his decision.

At Home in San Francisco
Fools are picking apart the New York Times Op-Ed piece in which a member of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors laments the "traveling carnival" of open access lobbying as an unfair burden on local municipalities.

8,000 Ways to Restructure Compaq
"Blessed are the crisis managers, for they will lead the golden turnaround." Fools continue to examine Compaq's quest to reverse its adversity.

How DoubleClick Is Different
"I try not to underestimate the ability of businesses to make money off of what people pay attention to, and DCLK is perfectly positioned to take advantage of what people will be paying attention to in the next (fill in your timeline)."

The Case for No Minimum Wage
To arbitrarily set a wage at a certain height only ensures that no one who is worth less than this rate in the eyes of employers will be gainfully employed.

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