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Hot Topics

Check out these message board conversations, and join in the discussion! But first, please read our disclaimer.

Is Excite@Home for Sale?
A Business Week story suggests that Yahoo! might be interested in buying Excite. So what's the deal?

Jeff Fischer Defends Amazon (Again)
Fools react to TMF Jeff's defense of Amazon.com after yet another Barron's attack.

Should eBay Fear "Auction Bots"?
"Just as the proliferation of easier-to-use retail shopping bots will always hold down the profit margins of consumer e-tailers (such as Amazon), better-evolved auction shopping bots will make eBay's 'pay for auctions' model obsolete."

Is laser eye surgery superior to Keravision's Intac rings? Should VISX investors be concerned about the prospect of competition?

The MSFT Break-Up Pop Quiz
KentonKelly asks some pointed questions about Microsoft, competition, and the nature of the software marketplace.

AOL's Valuation
"The equation for calculating value doesn't care who employs it, or when, or on what. How good the solution turns out to be over time depends entirely on how realistic the earnings projections/estimates."

Defining LBYM
RecoveringFool poses the question, and the Community responds: just what does living below your means mean to you?

Buying a Foreclosed Property
The Buying and Maintaining a Home board turns its thoughts to foreclosed properties. So what's to know?

Sell Stock to Pay Debt?
If you've got a lot of debt to manage, should you consider selling some of your stock to cover it? Credit Card Fools give their opinions.

Wade Cook's Million-Dollar Challenge
The cab-driving gooroo offers the Fools a million-dollar challenge. Should TMF take the bait?

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