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Hot Topics

Check out these message board conversations, and join in the discussion! But first, please read our disclaimer.

AtHome Says, "We Won't Yahoo!"
Excite@Home's CEO George Bell emphatically denies the implications in a media rumor that his company will be sold to Yahoo!

Yes, Virginia, There Is a Mickey Mouse
A shareholder thinks Disney needs to keep pace with a changing generation of children who aren't as awed by the old forms of "magic" and questions if the fantasy has fizzled.

Scratch 'n Dent Groceries
Does a squashed box of rose hip tea taste just as sweet? How about that can of chowdah with a torn label? Don't care that your Wheaties are dented? LBYMers discover the savings in discount food stores.

Imagining a World Without Warren
The suggestion that Berkshire Hathaway begins and ends with Warren Buffett is the subject of heated debate in the BRK.A board.

Online Banking's Not-So-Perfect World
Bills paid late and debits charged to your account before the check has cleared. Are some online banking systems giving computers a bad name?

Can Cisco Sustain Its High Valuation?
"I do not expect to see low PEs for Cisco or any of its brethren until even their high end networking equipment is bought at Wal-Mart by individuals."

Scoring Gateway vs. Dell on Customer Service
Every business and every company has a certain number of failures and has to address them. I certainly believe that Gateway and Dell have their share of failures, but the successes outweigh them.

3Dfx: Silicon Samples & Speculations
Hot Topics admits it's "all geek to us." But we just know that talk of a V3 chip with 32 bit color, true AGP4x, and 32M DRAM running at 200 MHz is music to the ears of Fools who follow this Rule Breaker.

Summer Squash and Other Garden Monsters
Ratatouille anyone? The Recipes/Cooking folder is bubbling over with tasty ideas to help you put that backyard bounty to good use and impress your vegetarian friends.

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