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Have You Ever Asked a Foolish Question?
Fools Old! Fools New! Fools Green! Fools Blue! Unsure about wash sale rules? Navigating the message boards? Well, wonder no more. Click into the board where everybody knows you're Foolish!

AT&T and Excite@Home: Stormy Weather?
"I'm beginning to think that T and ATHM would be better off going their separate ways," says a less than excited CodeFool. "Anyone else see storm clouds on the horizon?"

Berkshire: the Stock That Never Splits
Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway was down an even $1000, but still a mere 1.54%. "Fear is a great educator," says JonasB. How low can it go? That's the $64,000 question. Literally.

Microsoft's Long-Term Future
A self-described "techie" offers a variety of pros and cons on Microsoft's future. The conclusion? Mr. Softy won't disappear overnight. But can it avoid collapsing under its own weight?

Iomega: Time Kills
Time delays kill companies. Does the Iomega board meet each month for a few breakfast croissants and then leave? Or do they actually grapple with real problems and come up with real solutions?

The Anti-Rule Breaker 5
"Since I disagree with the premise of the RB port, I'll give you five long-term stocks I believe will beat the market starting today at 11am and ending 12/31/99."

Y2K Fears
On the Dell board as elsewhere, the millennium's countdown is raising anxiety levels. A tech investor thinks we'll get through "without the slightest hitch." But a little reassurance wouldn't hurt.

eBay: Cleaning Out The Garage
eBay is often likened to a cyber swap-meet or garage sale. But is there enough of that stuff to go around? Once we've all bought and sold everyone else's junk -- what next?

The NITE Train
"It's so easy to cheer when the stock is going up." Fool Nik7 hasn't heard any cheers lately for Knight/Trimark. Is the pullback just a short-term negative in a long-term positive trend?

Amazon: The Buck Stops Where?
CDs, Books, Music, Videos... so many ways to lose money!

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