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Hot Topics

Check out these message board conversations, and join in the discussion! But first, please read our disclaimer.

America Online's Calamity?
Microsoft is talking about offering a free Internet service, and these Fools debate if this could be, well, not good for the folks at AOL.

AMD? Even After All This?
Could AMD still be a buy vs. Intel? At least one Fool thinks so because of a superior product. Other Fools seem to think this is "Deja vu all over again," as Yogi Berra would say... you decide.

Berkshire Down How Much?
Imagine if you lost over $1,000 on one investment. No, not on a hundred shares, $1,000 on one share. Yes, Berkshire Hathaway dropped all the way down to about $64,000 a share, and Fools discuss why.

The Machine Thinks I Need A Coke
Fools in the Coke board discuss the present and future of smart vending machines. Maybe one will come about to help me write "Hot Topics" while giving me a Diet Coke.

Microsoft: What Would Jane Goodall Think?
Microsoft may be the 800 lb. gorilla today, but could it become an endangered species? Fools discuss the monkey business in the software industry.

Could I Go Broke With An Online Broker?
These Fools debate just how low E*Trade could go -- is it a buying opportunity, or are you trying to catch a falling knife? Also, is buying a company like this on margin Foolish or foolish?

Do You Think He Did?
Even with a new CEO, Compaq keeps drifting lower and lower. This Fool wishes he never bought the stock. Other Fools feel he's a little too hard on himself and just needs some patience. Do you feel the same?

How's Jeff's New Drip Investing Book?
I don't know, Jeff still hasn't sent me the copy he promised. However, these Fools have read Investing Without A Silver Spoon by Jeff Fischer. If you've read the book, tell us what you think.

If You Have Children Or Pets In Your House, READ THIS!
How do you keep the little rugrats and various four-legged (or feathered) critters from destroying those beautiful oak floors in your new house? These Fools discuss ways to maintain those floors without threats. I'd stay away from the kerosene idea, though.

Variable Advice For Variable Annuities
Ok, you have a tax-deferred bad investment from your pre-Foolish days. Should you bite the bullet and pay the penalties, or just leave the sleeping dog lie? These Fools weigh in without cliches.

Here Kitty Kitty...
Fools in this Foolish satire of a very unFoolish investment firm, Hype and Hysteria Investment Advisors, A.M., plan to entertain their, uh... clients by taking them Lion Fishing. Why not come along?

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