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Hot Topics

Check out these message board conversations, and join in the discussion! But first, please read our disclaimer.

Microsoft Means Business!
At least that's how some Fools on the AOL board feel, suggesting that going head to head with this giant could be very nasty indeed. Is AOL treading in dangerous waters going up against Bill Gates?

Is AMD Good for Intel?
Intel Fools discuss the idea that having AMD around is good for business -- at least as far as avoiding antitrust problems. Without AMD, would Intel be considered a monopoly?

Compaq Woes -- So Where's the Vision?
What's going on with Compaq? That's what investors want to know as the company reduces prices to decrease inventory and business continues as usual while competitors seem to change with the times.

Analyzing Berkshire Hathaway
Gillette? Coca-Cola? There's dissention in the ranks of Buffett followers, as some investors wonder if Warren still has the golden touch. But one Fool has done his homework and shares his analysis on the BRK.A board.

Starbucks Now and Latte
There's no shortage of people lining up to buy Frappuccinos and mocha lattes in this strong economy, but could this trend continue if a recession were to rear its ugly head? That's the discussion on the SBUX board.

Still Bullish on Amazon
What companies would you compare AMZN to? One Fool suggests Amazon.com is like Sears when it began with just inventory and a catalogue, and that's one reason he's hanging in there.

Cisco: How Much and How Long?
"Cisco is my largest holding, and I'm wondering how long my long-term outlook should be. Is it Foolish to continue to 'run with my winner,' or should diversification be a consideration?"

Who's in Charge?
A new Fool on the Women and Investing board is taking control of the family finances and wonders whether it's Foolish to have a power of attorney document drawn up. Stop by and see if you agree with the offered advice.

I'm Drowning in Debt!
What's the best way get out of debt? Home equity loan? Cash in the IRA? Both? Neither? Fools on the Credit Card board offer their solutions on the best way to handle the credit crunch.

Gifting for College
It's great to be generous, but what are the tax consequences when wanting to give cash gifts to help out with college? The Tax Strategies board makes this a much less taxing dilemma.

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