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"Getting Real" @Home
@Home's share price collapsed Monday on rumors (later denied) that AT&T might be bypassing @Home in favor of a high-speed access deal with America Online. True or not, the reports were an occasion for insightful discussion.

AOL, and AT&T's Denials
There's an old saying: Never believe anything until it is officially denied. Fools parse the press releases after AT&T declares that it stands behind its stake in @Home.

thestreet.com Versus... Us!
Is TheStreet doomed to die in the wake of Global Foolish Domination? Or is there room for everybody online?

Amazon: Now What?
"Given that nobody on earth has a convincing earnings story for Amazon, I humbly predict the following..."

Intel: A Rule Breaker?
The Rule Maker Portfolio is putting its latest $500 investment behind Intel -- but hints of increasing competition among chipmakers has at least one Fool expressing doubt about INTC's gorilla credentials.

EMC Corporation: Sleeping with the Enemy?
"EMC is purchasing IBM disk drives, while IBM is trying to move into EMC's market. I wonder if EMC's management is comfortable with that..."

Waiting for eBay's Competition
"The question is, what IS it going to take for someone else to take enough of eBay's market to be a viable competitor? Until that happens, eBay is in no danger, no matter how badly they screw up their operation."

Cisco Invests in KPMG
At first blush, it might seem unusual for a company like Cisco to get involved with an accounting firm like KPMG. Are there opportunities here? Or is it yet another case of "diworsification"?

MSFT: What Makes Bill Run?
"Mr. Gates has enormous personal wealth. Why doesn't he retire and enjoy the rest of his pathetic life?" Check out this sometimes contentious, always lively discussion.

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