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Is @Home Being Torpedoed by AT&T?
AT&T believes that it can greatly reduce the open access initiative by negotiating leased access with any and all ISPs, but At Home doesn't share that vision.

A Different Light on Excite@Home/AOL
Excite@Home was created to roughly follow AOL's model of an all-in-one integrated online service. But is that model being abandoned now?

The Morphing of Qwest
Between mergers and acquisitions, price wars and the daily mutations of Internet companies, Fools are trying to find meaning in the changes at Qwest.

The Nickel Warfare
An AT&T defector gets a "please come back" offer that suggests the company may have tried a preemptive strike against MCI/WorldCom's five-cents-a-minute deal.

EMC's Acquisition of Data General
Once famous as the company whose hardware produced "The Soul of a New Machine," an old-era giant sells out to a new-era leader.

Examining Cisco's Earnings
"I think CSCO is one of the best run companies in the world, but their margins are shrinking. Their growth is helping the bottom line less and less."

Starbucks -- Recipe for Recession?
Can a beloved purveyor of pricey coffee retain its loyal customers in the event of a recession? Pour yourself a cup 'o joe and join the discussion.

A Day in the Life of VISX
A laser surgeon who has earned "star treatment" gets invited to tour the manufacturing plant at VISX Inc. Share the eye doc's experience.

RealNetworks vs. the Redmond Giant
A music-site webmaster has been researching better production alternatives to MP3 and wonders if Windows Media Player Technology could be the answer.

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