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Get Started Investing!
"I haven't started investing yet, but I'd like to. What is the best way to purchase stock? Do I need a broker or can I purchase firsthand? Help." And so begins the journey. Need answers? Ask a Foolish Question!

AOL: Question of the Day
If Amazon.com (for instance) canceled its agreement with AOL, and Barnes & Noble (or Borders) took its place, what would be the effect on Amazon?

Valuing Red Hat
Red Hat Software nearly tripled on its first day of trading. But what's next for the maker of Linux, the alternative operating system that some hope will undo Windows? Is this just the latest remake of David vs. Goliath?

Amazon Dreaming
"When I find my way to this page out of the millions of web pages in the world, it is usually for several reasons. The biggest reason, however, is to search for answers. Answers to questions about the unknown."

Intel: Brand and Loyalty
"Intel has created a brand by their advertising, consumer loyalty, and a catchy tune people know throughout the world. No one asks what the benchmarks are and who is better."

Microsoft: Innovations? Bah, Humbug!
"I'm sick of hearing people talk about how Microsoft doesn't innovate. I challenge anybody to come up with one company that has successfully brought to market an innovation. Let me dispel a few myths right now."

Rule Breaker Improvement Proposal
The RB Portfolio message board has lately started discussing the port itself rather than specific companies, observes Sitanshu. "We are left with 'amusement,' but no 'education' or 'enrichment.' Is it time to break some rules?"

Quitting Smoking
One day I lit up a Camel and was horrified. It tasted bad. It smelled bad. My clothes smelled bad. My apartment smelled bad. It was suddenly repulsive to me. I threw the pack in the trash and never looked back.

3Dfx: Brand, Mindshare, and Competition
3Dfx Fools discuss the value of the company's brand name in light of a tech-swapping strategic alliance between competitors NVIDA and SGI.

Can Dell Do It?
With its quarterly report just around the corner, Dell investors wonder if the "well-oiled machine" can surprise on the upside. Is it realistic to expect the unexpected?

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