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Check out these message board conversations, and join in the discussion! But first, please read our disclaimer.

Psst! Did You Hear the @Home Rumor?
Rumors abound that America Online might buy Excite@Home. Come on over to the fence and share the gossip.

The Wise Weigh In on Dell, and Fools Throw Their Weight
Merrill Lynch downgrades Dell to "neutral" but raises earnings estimates. Huh? Fools try to figure this one out. Good luck.

Could AOL Directors' Kids Just Need Braces?
Insiders have been selling at America Online. Is it a problem, or do they just need the money?

Hey, Apple -- Isn't This Going a Tad Far?
Was it really just a publicity stunt for Apple? Speak about extreme. Check it out and see if Steve Jobs needs to calm down a bit.

How Far Can Coke Go?
This Fool has done a little calculation about how much Coke can really hope to expand. Has the company lost its fizz, or is it in a position to really shake up the markets?

Could It be Trademark Infringement, or Just a Bad Choice?
Could AMD really meant to name their newest chip after a restroom partition? It seems to be a very high quality partition at least. Fools on the Intel board get a few giggles with some bathroom humor.

In Compaq's Future, Will Everything Be Free?
Compaq's AltaVista announces a free Internet service. How will this affect Compaq's attempt at turning around? Does giving things away make a business more profitable, or could it be part of a larger marketing strategy?

Does This Sound Familiar to You?
This Fool took a promising job in October, but as time goes on, the promises were, well, just that. Should he jump ship in such a short time? How will it look on his resume? Fools give their thoughts.

Nope, not THAT Jerry. This Jerry (TMF Cheeze) seems to have been deposed on his VERY OWN board. Could a fight on a TV talk show be next?

An Improvement Over Underwear and Socks
This Fool wants to invest a small amount in stocks as a gift for her grandchild. Other Fools weigh in with the options (index funds, DRiPs).

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