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Hey Mickey, Where's the Magic in the Kingdom?
Some Fools are getting Grumpy over Disney's Dopey performance. Has this Cinderella story gone to Never-Neverland, or is there hope of being bitten by the Love Bug once again?

PC Prices and Microsoft
Look out below! PC prices are falling faster than bad penny stocks, and Fools are wondering how this might affect Microsoft's future. Could it mean OEMs will put pressure on Ol' Softy to lower licensing fees?

Broadband and AOL
"The most important issue regarding broadband for AOL shareholders is what new revenue streams it will lead to, and how they will increase the future profit potential of this company."

Apple: Facing Competition from IBM?
Imagine being able to buy a PowerPC without having to buy the hardware from Apple. That's just what might happen if IBM goes through with its plans. See what Fools make of this on the Apple board.

The Customer Service Train Has Left the (Home) Depot
Argh! Shopping carts leaving dents, no clerks when you need one. What's happening to the customer service at Home Depot? Are these isolated incidents, or a widespread problem?

Intel vs. AMD: Let the Chips Fall Where They May
With INTC reaching new highs and AMD seeming to just creep along, Fools on the AMD board compare and contrast the two chip makers to try to gain some perspective on the future.

Broadcom: Steamrolling Along?
A Fool believes that Broadcom will steamroll its way across the Internet delivering huge gains in the process, but TMF Master points out that the company has a very small customer base with its top 5 customers accounting for 78% of revenues.

Berkshire Hathaway: It's Revenues, Baby!
BRK.A Fools share their thoughts on the latest earnings report, pointing out that investors need to "read between the lines" and focus on the revenues generated, not the earnings.

Singin' the Car Buying Blues
I can't seem to get the price I want on any of the cars I'm looking for. Should I be factoring in the interest rates on the deals? Am I looking in the wrong places? Help!

Dealing With Excessive Late Fees
"Ouch! I missed the due date by one day and got zapped!" Credit Card Fools share their expertise on late fees, how much they should be, how to avoid them, and even ways to remember to pay the bills on time.

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