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Dell Rings Up Big Earnings
Heard amongst the cheers for Dell's great numbers are some fears over a big one, the P/E ratio. "Even though this report is great, you have to look at the total picture."

You've Got Personalized TV!
America Online teams up with TiVo Inc., an interactive personalized TV company, and Fools are speculating about what the future of Internet TV might bring.

"Ditto That," Says @Home
Not to be outdone, Excite@Home announces its own plans for interactive TV and reveals that AT&T Broadband & Internet Services will use @Home's infrastructure to rollout its digital TV platform.

Amazon and the Future of E-tailing
Fools are thrashing out the evolution of e-tailing, the future of distribution, "virtual" vs. "physical" e-tailers, and the implications for Amazon.com

A Kinder, Gentler Microsoft?
The one unpleasant irony is, Microsoft is actually trying to do more or less the right thing this time, and it's costing them. In the old days, they'd have shipped Windows 2000 as "release" long ago.

Could Y2K Paranoia Fuel Sales at Wal-Mart?
What kind of impact could frantic fourth-quarter spending have on the country's largest retailer if all those unused generators come back for refunds in the first quarter of 2000?

Why Invest in E*Trade?
As one Fool does his due diligence and details why he's invested in the online broker, he asks others to confirm or contradict his reasoning.

Lowering That Credit Card Rate
Forget your fears of rejection. Muster up your nerve, threaten to take your business elsewhere, do whatever it takes, but resolve not to tolerate that 19.9% rate any more.

Public vs. Private School Debate
How much would you pay in private school tuition to essentially guarantee your child entry into one of their top three chosen universities or colleges?

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