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Is Yahoo an Infrastructure Play?
"I prefer to approach the 'Net sideways, through companies that are building the infrastructure, providing essential services, and benefiting from its expansion." Does Yahoo! qualify as an infrastructure play -- and if so, how?

MP3.com: The Sound of Money?
The record industry couldn't stop it. Portable MP3 players, car MP3 players, and shelf systems are already on the market. Music fans want their MP3. But does that add up to the sound of money?

Red Hat Trick: Microsoft Linux 2000
Linux is open source freeware. Red Hat really owns nothing but the name Red Hat. What would stop a huge company like Microsoft from making its own Linux? Could MSFT have a Red Hat trick up its sleeve?

Help Wanted
Looking for your first "real" job? Thinking about a career change? Finding the right job can be work, but working at a job well found is more than just a fringe benefit. How to do that? Ask the Headhunter!

AOL Considers Free Worldwide Service
Now that we've got your attention... what do you think would happen if A) AOL did offer free service, or B) AOL offered a substantial reduction in the cost of its service... say $9.95 per month?

NITE After Hours
With the NYSE and Nasdaq thinking of going public, E*Trade teaming with Instinet, and growing talk of round-the-clock trading, Knight/Trimark Fools take stock of the market's future.

Berkshire: Hard to Understand?
Berkshire Hathaway is getting hard to understand, because Buffett has done so much right. Assets have grown in such an eclectic way that what we have now is quite confusing.

In Defense of Verbosity

The Dell Computer Debate
A provocative "first dabble with the Fool" provides an opportunity to debate Dell's basics -- as if beating second quarter estimates and doing $30 million a day in Internet sales wasn't reason enough.

Amazon: Wal-Mart Wannabe
"I am invested in Amazon because I am convinced it will be the Wal-Mart of cyberspace. I am even more convinced that if Amazon is not the Wal-Mart of cyberspace, somebody will be. The stated goal is to find that company."

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