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Hot Topics

Check out these message board conversations, and join in the discussion! But first, please read our disclaimer.

Does It Add Up for Red Hat?
Fools discuss whether Red Hat has the numbers on its side.

Do You Like AOL?
At least one Fool considers its service bad and says so in the America Online board (talk about going in the lions' den!). See what the other Fools have to say about that.

Amazon.com vs. Buy.com
Buy.com is competing with Amazon by carrying zero margins on its sales. A viable business model? Is it a possible competitor? Fools give their opinions.

Sell BRK? Say It Isn't So!
This Fool wonders if he should do the unthinkable and sell Berkshire Hathaway stock. Other Fools weigh in.

Will Apple Take a Bite Out of eMachines?
Apple is suing eMachines for illegally copying the iMac design. Will it be a warning to other PC manufacturers to stay away? Fools discuss it.

Compaq Fools, Unite!
The Brothers Gardner are speaking before a Compaq gathering in Houston. Read what Fools would like Tom and David to say in their speech. Add what you think they should say.

Foolish Workshop Questions and Answers
Interested in Unemotional Investing? Here's some Frequently Asked Questions and answers to help you on your way.

Fly The Unfriendly Skies
Put a little umbrella in your drink and take a trip to Aruba's Isle of Revenge to share your favorite airline horror story. You can have plenty of legroom on your way over there, but don't expect pretzels.

Diversification and Drips
Fools take up the subject of diversifying a portfolio in Dividend Reinvestment Plans (Drips). Other investors might want to check out these excellent posts, too.

But I Have A Little Bit Of Money
This Fool would like to invest what he has but doesn't meet the minimum investment of a lot of brokers. Where can he go? Other Fools give him a road map.

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