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Check out these message board conversations, and join in the discussion! But first, please read our disclaimer.

AOL: The Long and Short of It
Fools on the AOL board share their thoughts as to whether this company is still a good investment for the long term or whether the landscape has changed in the face of competition.

Addicted to eBay
TMF Cheeze discovers eBay, and he's hooked! It seems this Fool is "Going, Going, Gone!"

Amazon.com for the Holidays
One AMZN Fool shares his thoughts on why he believes the company will boom during the holiday season. "It comes down to human behavior."

Dear Iomega
A long time "Iomegan," VinOrdinaire, shares his email exchanges with Investor Relations. What conclusions can be drawn by reading between the lines?

Broadcom and Risk Factors
One Fool analyzes the risk factors section of the company's SEC filings and wonders just how precarious BRCM's position may be in light of these apparent uncertainties.

Passing the (Red) Hat
"What began as a small position in my portfolio has become an overweighted percentage, and it's making me nervous. I think I should lighten up on this... what's the best way to do it?"

Comparing Apples to... Microsoft?
A Fool on the Microsoft board questions how it is possible that Apple is trading at roughly 2/3 of MSFT's price. What factors must one consider when valuing and comparing companies?

Christmas in August
Well, not really, but Fools who live below their means are getting ready for Santa with tips and tricks for saving on holiday spending. Homemade soap, anyone?

Should Extra Cash Go to Market or Mortgage?
A retired Fool on the Buying and Maintaining a Home board has an extra $300 each month and wonders whether to invest the cash or pay down the house. What's the most Foolish thing to do with the money?

Investing in Wrigley -- Something to Chew On?
Drip Fools share their thoughts on whether Wrigley is a Foolish investment or one that would just gum up a portfolio.


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