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Viva la Wal-Mart!
The merger of two big European retailers has Wal-Marters looking across the Atlantic. How well poised is the American giant for expansion overseas?

Comparing ATHM
Sometimes it's instructive to compare a company to others within its industry. And while that's sort of hard to do with @Home Corporation, that never stopped a Fool from trying.

Apple and Linux
Linux brings new hope to the un-Microsoft among us. Should Apple investors take heart?

Amazon's Best Customer?
Apparently one of the high rollers bidding in Amazon's auctions is somebody named Jeff. Could it be that Jeff? Hmmmm...

A Few Positive Thoughts About Iomega
It's been rough lately for the beleaguered drive maker in Roy, Utah. TheExpertNovice offers some semi-cheery observations.

Buying That First DRIP Share
You're about to open your first DRIP account. What's more important, buying a stock that's cheap, or buying a company that's built for the long haul?

Converting the Garage
"We're buying a home with a 2-car detached garage. We don't want to make it into an actual living space..." So now what? Read the suggestions on the Buying and Maintaining a Home board.

3dfx: Blocked Punts and Lost Opportunities
Football analogies, anyone? Somehow, they make sense in 3dfx's case.

How Not to Pay Down Your Mortgage
If the suggestion comes from your mortgage company, maybe it's a better idea for them than it is for you. Listen to the guffaws on the Living Below Your Means board.

The Generation "Gap"
Has The Gap lost its appeal to the "Generation Y" age group? Are the youthful trendsetters turning elsewhere for the coolest fashions? Opinions are like belt buckles: every Fool's got one.


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