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Bidding eBay Against Yahoo!
"For those of you who told me to quit whining about eBay and go to Yahoo!, thanks for the advice. I'm getting almost the same results and it hasn't cost me a nickel."

What Do UPS Employees Think About the IPO?
Employee-owners of United Parcel Service are about to have a whole lot of co-owners of their company's shares, when UPS goes public. Find out what's on their minds.

Car Won't Start? Maybe You Forgot Your Payment.
A Fool shares a horrifying new twist by a car dealer who offers to sell a used car to people with bad credit. Neglect a payment, and the car's specially fitted device will prevent it from starting.

A Cheap Divorce -- Does It Exist?
"There's almost a direct correlation between the level of anger and the cost of the divorce. The only thing I can suggest to both sides is: Don't get even. Just get out."

Herb vs. The Fool
AMZN readers are choosing up sides and discussing it twice -- the Fool's rebuttal of a short-seller's charges about Amazon's slowing growth. Join the debate.

Where is the Wal-Mart Advantage?
"Books-a-Million is supposed to be Wal-Mart's partner, yet you can get a book directly from them for less than from Wally's site. If books are any indication, Wally is just another member of the pack."

Trading in Beauty for Endurance
The decision to get rid of a fancy sports car for a more reliable one has a Fool in a quandary over what to buy. Is it true that you are NOT what you drive?

Is AT&T Ignoring At Home?
A Chicago Fool reports on the new ad campaign from AT&T touting its high-speed Internet access via TCI Cable with nary a mention of Excite@Home in any of the ads. What gives?

Fooling Around With Mother Nature
"All of a sudden there is a public outcry about how genetically engineered food is a monster out to destroy our food supply and create a new dietary Apocalypse."

Less Intel, More Cisco?
An Intel employee needs to make some decisions about exercising his stock options. With 60% of his portfolio already made up of his employer's stock, is it time to diversify?


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