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Check out these message board conversations, and join in the discussion! But first, please read our disclaimer.

Can Sun's Suite Sour Microsoft?
Sun Microsystems is acquiring the developer of an application suite that competes with Microsoft Office and runs on Windows, Linux, Unix, and "even OS/2." Does MSFT have something to fear from its arch-rival?

Microsoft: Perceptions and Satisfaction
75% of survey respondents say they'd switch to a Microsoft Office competitor if only one was available. Does this mean Sun stands a chance with its new Office alternative?

Apple/Intel: A Supercomputer For the Rest of Us...
Steve Jobs called the new Power Mac G4 "a supercomputer for the desktop" and demonstrated it beating a Pentium III. The Apple board swaps benchmarks and considers the need for a reality check. Meanwhile...

... Or More Hype Than Reality?
Here on the Intel board, they're also chewing over Apple's newest creation -- and ordering veggie burgers for the Cupertino faithful. Would you like some paranoia with that?

Amazon's Sleeper Acquisition
Four months ago, Amazon.com's acquisition of an obscure 'Net company went all but unnoticed. Is it worth another look? "This little gem could quietly go on to become one of the pivotal 'Net technologies."

MMMMashed Potatoes
The Health & Nutrition board is talking about eating healthier and smarter. Truthfully, Hot Topics can live on mashed potatoes, but in some places, that would count as a luxury. Just one click can help turn that around.

eBay: Are AOL People Stupid?
That's what they're asking on the eBay board after the launch of an "easier access" co-branded site with AOL. "Do they really need Daddy AOL to hold their hands on the information superhighway? Come on..."

Hey, Venus! Hey, Racer! I Got A Question!
Well, TMFVenus and TMFRacer have answers! Need some information and don't know where to find it? Not sure about the meaning of that term? There's just one thing to do. Ask A Foolish Question!

AOL: Catcher's Mitt For the Web's Spam?
"We get multiple porno spams a day, and several gambling spams a week, with a sprinkling of other nonsense thrown in. Even though I am a stockholder, I am pretty close to jumping off this AOL boat as a customer."


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