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A Coke Bear Lets Out A Roar
This Foolish bear has sniffed out some pretty good arguments for why Coke might not be such a great investment.

What's the Difference Between Nokia and Qualcomm?
Fools discuss what makes the two companies different and the prospects for each.

Is Intel Insider Selling Trouble?
Or does the family just need a new 747? Insiders are selling some stock (just a few million dollars worth) in Intel. Do shareholders need to worry? Fools debate.

Hey, Dell, How High Is Up?
Fools discuss how high Dell's price to earnings ratio should be.

Just How Much Is Berkshire Hathaway Stock Worth?
Fools try to figure Berkshire's intrinsic value based on Warren Buffett's criteria. A must-read for all who are interested in valuing companies.

Whatever Happened To...?
Every now and then, don't you wonder what happened to somebody you always talked about? Fools in the Iomega board speculate on Kim Edwards.

Clothes, Tools, Appliances, and Macs?
Was it a good idea for Apple to market the Mac at Sears? Fools debate t