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Check out these message board conversations, and join in the discussion! But first, please read our disclaimer.

Free ISPs Will Damage AOL, Mate!
David Berger of Fool UK believes that Free ISPs will severely hurt AOL's growth prospects worldwide. Naturally, many AOL investors feel this Brit is downright daft!

Playing the Trump Card
Not often does a thread incur such emotional opinions as this one relating to David Gardner's invitation to The Donald's private offices and the resulting effect on the Rule Breaker Portfolio.

Serving Up Coke
This week's Fool Plate Special has Coke Fools fizzed up over whether The Real Thing is still a champ investment. Has Coke gone flat for good, or is past performance a key consideration?

Wireless Bulls See Good Things for Amazon
Could handheld computers change the way the world shops? Amazon.com Fools think so, and they imagine a very different kind of holiday shopping.

Valuing Red Hat
One RHAT Fool uses Netscape as a comparison to show that investors may not be considering earning potential in valuing this company.

Ameritrade: 20/20 Hindsight
"I realize buying volatility on margin is an extremely poor decision on my part. I also concede that putting everything into AMTD is insane, at best. However, I am not a complete moron."

Getting a Grip on 3Com
"My wife works at 3Com, and while I like this company, it seems overvalued to me. I think it would be a good short." Is this new Fool is on the money, or missing the mark?

Credit Cards: Time to Switch?
"This company wants me to transfer to their card, which looks like a good deal. Is this offer too good to pass up, or am I missing something here?"

Knock! Knock! What's There?
Sometimes Old Betsy tries to let you know when she's got some aches and pains. Fools on the Buying and Maintaining a Car board diagnose what it might mean when your car starts making those ominous sounds.

What's Cookin'
Fools can cook too, and there's always something in the oven on the Recipes board. This week, one Foolish cook gets ideas for what to do with all that cooked chicken in the freezer.


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