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Hot Topics

Check out these message board conversations, and join in the discussion! But first, please read our disclaimer.

Wireless World: Mycroft Changes His Mind on QCOM
"I and many analysts missed the boat on QCOM, for we are stubborn mules sometimes," writes Mycroft. But reading of the Fool message boards can change a lot.

ATHM Falls Off the A-List
Excite@Home's move toward "proprietary content" draws a big thumbs down from an analyst. Should investors be concerned?

Iomega's Zip vs. the LS-120
The rivalry has been raging for years now: which removable drive is better? Check the latest thoughts on the Iomega board.

Amazon, Wal-Mart, and Barriers to Entry
It's the latest volley in the ancient bricksandmortar-versus-online battle. Are the barriers to entry offline really any tougher to overcome than they are in cyberspace?

Coke... and a Smile
Fools review the latest Coca-Cola television commercial. Is it an improvement over those enigmatic sledding polar bears?

AOL and the Free ISPs
Is the latest wave toward free ISPs going to hurt AOL, or are users going to turn away from those pesky banner ads and less reliable service?

Stock Screens and IRAs
"Which IRA is best for a monthly screen? Do yearly screens work well with an IRA, or is selling a year and a day better with non-IRA?" Check the Foolish Workshop for answers.

Notes from a Lurker
A Fool on the Credit Cards board thanks the Community for their contributions. Gratitude is a worthy thing.

Living Below Your Means With "Sneaky Freebies"
So you took more napkins than you needed on your last trip to the convenience store. Is that taking frugality too far?


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