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DoubleClick Here For Rumors
Recent news about an advertising alliance between DoubleClick and Lycos causes speculation that the two might pull a merger out of their Halloween bag of tricks.

Different Thinking About Apple's Ads
Foolish wordsmiths tackle the hidden meaning behind Apple's "Think Different" campaign and a few of its imitators.

Hurricane Watch at Disney
Disney is closing the Orlando park for the first time in 28 years to prepare for Hurricane Floyd. Thoughts of investments take a backseat to concern for fellow Fools in the path of nature's wrath.

Foolish Facelift -- Love it or Hate it?
What if you had a complete makeover and no one noticed? Sharp-eyed Fools prove they don't miss a thing, as fool.com unveils a whole new look and the critics respond.

@Home/DSL, Explain it Like I'm a Two-Year-Old
Could one of you succinctly explain why @Home's service is superior to DSL? Please use English, and reference the cost and speed of each system.

Fools to Tower: Is There a Wireless Play Here?
Anyone out there have any thoughts about Pinnacle Holdings and/or the long-term prospects for tower operators? Check out the Wireless World board for ideas.

Can Cheaper Zip Disks Still Be Profitable?
What has Iomega done in the past 3 years, and what is Iomega going to do in the future months to lower Zip disk production costs?

DJT Could Be For Real
A Fool makes some back-of-the-envelope calculations and determines that the Rule Breaker made the right call in covering the Trump short.

Closing Before the House is Built
"My house will be completed at the end of October. The builder is a public company that wants to close as many homes as possible before their fiscal year ends on September 30. Are the offered incentives worth the risk?"


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