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Oracle: Whispers and Waffles
Oracle's first quarter was respectable but left some analysts less than satisfied. Were whisper numbers responsible for the disappointment? And was CEO Larry Ellison one of the whisperers?

Compaq: "Really Cool Stuff"
"That is the voice of a REAL strategic thinker. This Compaq watcher is not impressed by its president/CEO's teenagesque quest to build 'really cool stuff.'"

Motorola, General Instrument, Apple, Sony
The impact of Motorola's merger with General Instrument extends beyond those two companies. Strategic partnerships and diverse product lines bring Apple and Sony into the picture, too.

Valuing Berkshire Hathaway
Information provided in Berkshire's annual report lets you arrive at a detailed valuation of the company. "Buffett has been very clear and consistent in letting shareholders know how he estimates Berkshire's value."

AOL: NetZero and Free ISPs
"NetZero is working: Growing the number of subscribers, developing relationships with other e-commerce sites, developing software for its site, attempting to give surfers a different Internet experience."

Pantyhose, Anyone?
We've found some novel uses for pantyhose: pool skimmer, lint catcher, paint strainer, fan belt replacement. "I'm sure there are lots more." Get a leg up in the Living Below Your Means Folder.

Coke: Time to Short?
"Coke is doing what it should do: concentrate on its areas of highest profit and divest itself of operations that drag on earnings. They need to do more of this streamlining, not less."

Iomega: Was Glore a Puppet?
"Quite a few posters are saying that Glore was just a 'puppet' CEO. I strongly disagree. For better or for worse, I think Glore might have influenced Iomega a lot more than some of you thought."

Woof Woof! Meow Meow!
From squirt gun discipline to treating fleas. From sharing the joys to the more somber moments. The Pet Lovers folder is for Fools who own pets -- and pets who own Fools, too.

Microsoft Abused?
In response to an article that asks "How Much Abuse Can Microsoft Take?" Fools consider hard times for Mr. Softy.


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