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Hot Topics

Check out these message board conversations, and join in the discussion! But first, please read our disclaimer.

Talk About Painful Debt...
This poor fool in Japan is taking it on the chin to avoid bankruptcy. He's letting people punch him for a mere $9. Head over and get your licks in while you can!

Do Compaq Bulls Need A 12-Step Program?
Louis Corrigan (TMF Seymor) recently wrote about Bulls "addicted to their own wishful thinking." Is this happening with Compaq?

Is It Possible For Anybody To Start An Amazon?
How hard is it to get an e-commerce site going? Fools discuss the problems and whether there are significant barriers to entry.

Have We All Been Here Before?
Does our soul go through reincarnation? That's where this thread starts, but it goes into some pretty deep stuff on spirituality. A definite read.

Moneypaper vs. Suretrade
Should you get your first share of stock through Moneypaper's Temper of the Times, or through a discount broker? Fools discuss the pros and cons.

Has Coke Gone Flat?
The discussion on whether it's time to short Coca-Cola goes on...

Could a Quiet Dell Board Be All Wet?
Many of the usually active stock boards were uncharacteristically quiet Thursday night. Could it be the rain?

Is the Street Missing the Boat on FedEx?
Federal Express misses earnings estimates by $0.02 because of fuel costs, and Wall Street punishes it like any old transport stock. With e-commerce growing, is the Street misunderstanding the potential for growth?

Is There Light at the End of Iomega's Tunnel?
Some Fools feel that positive earnings may be coming for Iomega. Stop over and see if happy days may be here again -- or another disappointment is on the way.

Is A Lack of Moon Pie Sales What's Hurting Wal-Mart?
A rather drifty (and entertaining) thread on why we haven't seen much movement recently in Wal-Mart stock.


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