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Hot Topics

Check out these message board conversations, and join in the discussion! But first, please read our disclaimer.

What's the Code For AMD?
Fools discuss the problems that may occur when you try to actually compile a program on a computer with an AMD processor. Is this a reason to stick with Intel?

Is Wal-Mart Shooting Down Sheryl Crow?
Wal-Mart sells guns and supposedly has pulled Sheryl Crow CDs off the shelves. Fools discuss whether any of this matters in this board's peculiar way.

Will the 2x4s in Home Depot Work to Stop the Sky From Falling?
Fools in the Home Depot board discuss the seemingly endless hand wringing over the Fed raising interest rates. Come on over and see if you can cut into the discussion to nail down the issue.

How Much Is Coke Worth?
World famous brand name and popular product combined with a high P/E and earnings problems. Just how much is a share of Coke worth, and should you buy it? Fools discuss whether any fizz is left.

Is Intel Going to Get Whacked by AMD?
AMD is working on a processor code named "Sledgehammer." Fools on the Intel board discuss the impact of this 64-bit processor.

How Much Do You Offer on a Home?
When making an initial offer on a new home, do you propose 5%, 10%, or more below the asking price? Fools discuss the strategy.

It's Getting "Exciting"@Home
The plot is thickening -- will AT&T open access to AOL and MindSpring on cable? Fool discuss the impact.

What If You Want to Buy A Dell Computer?
Sometimes it's not just the stock, it's the product. Fools give some guidance on which Dell is the best to buy.

Get Your Revenge On Tony's Puns
Just how bad are Tony's (TMF2Aruba) puns? Are they half-baked? Too tart for some audiences? Take your own slice out of the debate.

Some on the SETI Board Think Dilbert is Out There
Is the famous strip by Scott Adams topical or lame? Fools in the Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence board take their eyes off the heavens for a minute and discuss this earthly subject.


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