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Yahoo! Strikes Out Against eBay
Inspired by the Yankees game to get a Derek Jeter rookie card, a Fool gives Yahoo! Auctions a shot. "Boy, did I make a mistake," says ntoriusdan in his play-by-play account.

Has Excite@Home Changed Your Life?
An Excite@Home investor asks a simple question, and the testimonials come flooding in.

The Ad-ventures of DoubleClick and CMGI
With smaller firms being gobbled up, or rumored to be, DoubleClick faces a newly assertive CMGI as the ad services market heats up.

Dell and the Efficient Market Theory
"The Efficient Market Theory holds that the market valuation of any given equity reflects expectations about the long-term growth rate of the company. My personal opinion is that Dell is overvalued."

Microsoft's "Evil Deeds"
"I am always amazed by the imagination of Microsoft haters: Sloppy programming, intentionally redundant APIs, faster APIs kept secret for internal use. Notice how no one gives examples of these evil deeds."

Amazon Inventory Problems?
This shareholder can accept Amazon bleeding red ink for advertising and market share but draws the line at "sloppy inventory control as part of the growth model."

Iomega Earnings Preview
With job cuts and a hefty pre-tax charge already pre-announced, VinOrdinaire offers a checklist of what to watch for when Iomega reports third quarter results this week.

The "Free" ISP
"Of course, they're not really free -- they come at the cost of privacy. They can track the user site to site, screen to screen, shopping inquiry to search inquiry to purchase."

Does AOL Compete Against Itself?
Pleased with the job AOL is doing with CompuServe, a Foolish investor wonders about the long-term plan. Might CompuServe's gain be AOL's loss?

Wal-Mart Loses in Vegas
A new Las Vegas ordinance says any store over 100,000 sq. ft. can dedicate no more than 7% of its space to food items, tabling Wal-Mart's plans to open three new SuperCenters. Is union arm-twisting behind the move?


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