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Amazon's Strong September
Word is that Amazon.com had a pretty good month in September... but the bears, as usual, suggest there might be some trouble behind the numbers.

PC-Friendly Apples?
Is the key to Apple's success making its computers more PC-compatible? Or does Apple already have that base covered?

AOL and CompuServe
AOL's got CompuServe. The Gap's got Banana Republic and Old Navy. Is there anything we can learn from the comparison?

Cash Reserves in Retirement
A rule of thumb says you should keep 5 years' worth of cash or cash equivalents on hand. How much cushion is too much?

I Screen, You Screen
What's the best way to backtest a stock screen? The Fools on the Mechanical Investing board explain it all for you!

Happiness Below Your Means
Food? Sailboats? Bus rides? Fools on the Living Below Your Means board share their favorite ways to save.

Iomega Earnings Preview
With job cuts and a hefty pre-tax charge already pre-announced, VinOrdinaire offers a checklist of what to watch for when Iomega reports third quarter results this week.

A Guitarist's Valuation Question
How can a guitar be worth $80,000? Can we draw a lesson in stock valuation by looking at a musical instrument? Rimpinths responds on the CMGI board.

Fool Canada, Eh?
Oh, Canada! One elegant Canuck pleads for more Foolish attention for the Great Nation to the North.


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