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Fool Canada, Eh?
Oh, Canada! One elegant Canuck pleads for more Foolish attention for the Great Nation to the North.

AOL@Home -- A Deal With the Devil?
A deal between Excite@Home and AOL is regularly rumored and expected by many. But would it come at too high a cost to the high-speed contender?

The Bright Side of Intel's Earnings
"Let the critics moan and groan -- I've made a ton of money buying INTC under these very circumstances over the last 10 years."

Wal-Mart Loses in Las Vegas
Do unions have the power to dictate how other non-union companies run their businesses, and is this really what's happening to Wal-Mart in Las Vegas?

Going Solo as a Homeowner
Is buying a home something only couples should do? This simple question unleashes a torrent of conflicting opinions on the LBYM Singles board.

Compaq Shows Signs of Life
Discussion centers around a new telecommunications center, the anticipated release of Wildfire, and whether a Saudi prince could be behind the move in Compaq's stock.

Trying to Peg Starbucks
The Fool Ratio may be looking a bit high on SBUX, but how useful is the PEG in valuing big established companies like this one?

Is JDS Uniphase A Gorilla in the Making?
"There is a huge demand and market for companies that can make the Internet faster and more stable. Can anyone tell me five of the best and give me five reasons to buy JDSU?"

Retire Early and Die Broke
Great plan, but what happens in between? If you plan to retire early, how do you calculate a "safe" withdrawal rate from your IRA so you don't run out of money too soon?


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