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Hot Topics

Check out these message board conversations, and join in the discussion! But first, please read our disclaimer.

AOL and the Free World
Free ISPs like NetZero have a long way to go before catching up with America Online. But are the AOL faithful dismissing the challenge too casually?

Philip Morris Comes Clean
In an effort to remake its image, the world's largest tobacco company has officially acknowledged that smoking is addictive and there is no safe cigarette. Does this qualify as "the ultimate warning label?"

Apple and the Internet Appliance
Looking forward to the "next big thing," an Apple fan wonders how well the company is positioned for the Internet Appliance.

Intel: Only the Strong Survive
A longtime Intel investor recalls how the company has missed estimates in the past, only to come back every time. "Let the price 'tank' in the short term. The smart money will be buying shares."

Bumming with Abercrombie & Fitch
After Abercrombie pre-announced a sales slump, causing the stock to slump in turn, a Fool reviews the reasons for his investment. Bummed, but cautiously optimistic, he's staying long.

Credit Cards Out of Control
From hard-won experience, a Fool explains the credit card's "magical ability" to transform the question, "How much will this cost me in total?" to "How much will this cost me this month?"

Long and Calm with Qualcomm
Their investment styles differ in the details, but these Fools agree that Qualcomm is a long-term winner.

An Open Letter to Amazon
A satisfied Amazon.com customer is troubled by certain titles available at the store. Can the company meet its "obligation to the culture and the community at large to be a benefit to our society" without becoming a censor?

Worst Case for 3Dfx
With the CEO having resigned and the stock ensconced in the single digits, the 3Dfx board wonders what could make things worse.

Fool Confession! Warped by LBYM Board!
"Though I've never posted, I figured I'd let you know about these strange changes in my personality which have occurred since I started reading the Living Below Your Means Board."


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