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Hot Topics

Check out these message board conversations, and join in the discussion! But first, please read our disclaimer.

Excite@Home With Judge Judy?
Fools discuss the possible results of a court case on open access. See what the visitors are whispering about in the back of the courtroom.

AOL's Gateway to the Net
Fools discuss the impact of the Gateway ISP deal on America Online.

This Time It May Be Time To Sell Berkshire Hathaway
No, not that Warren has done anything wrong. However, buying on margin is something we Fools advise against, even on good companies. In this thread you can almost hear the sucking sound as the stock price drops.

Analyzing Financials of a Financial Stock Like Citigroup
Fools discuss the ins and outs of analyzing a financial stock. This is one to bank on.

Are There Still Some Coughs Left in Philip Morris?
Surgeon general's warning aside, some Fools feel that there is plenty of life in the tobacco giant. Other Fools feel like investing in this company could give your finances cancer.

Is Elmer Hunting IBM?
Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt (FUD) have appeared on the horizon for IBM. Is it Big Blue Season, or a weally weally good buying opportunity?

Did the Edsel Team Go To Work for Iomega?
ZDNet gives the Clik three stars as a removable storage device. Fools debate whether this product line needs to go sit on the veranda with those retired guys from Ford who invented the Edsel.

Time for Revenge on the Landlord
Many of us have had landlords try to keep our security deposits for trivial reasons. Here in Aruba's Isle of Revenge, strategies are discussed for prying the funds out of your landlord's cold, grubby hands.

It Happens...
Have we crossed the line? The "S-word" is used on Chicago Hope -- do you feel this type of programming stinks? Some Fools do. Come over to the Television Banter board, but watch your language. We still don't use those words here.

So You Want To Drip?
This Fool wants to start a dividend reinvestment plan, and isn't sure how. Fools in the Drip board lay it all out for him.


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