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Check out these message board conversations, and join in the discussion! But first, please read our disclaimer.

Hey, Philip Morris! Have I Got a Plan for You!
One MO Fool calls for drastic measures to address the tobacco situation and smokes up the board with his radical solutions.

Analyzing the Intel Analysts
"Perhaps I'm too jaded, but there seems to be a slant when analysts get together with the talking heads in the media."

Is It Time to Put Berkshire Hath-Away?
Buffett's beloved company has underperformed (barely) the S&P over the last five years, and Fools wonder if it's time to move on or stick with the fundamentals for the long term.

Is UPS Delivering Irrational Exuberance?
Enthusiasm abounds for the IPO, but when you get right down to it, isn't the company just a package delivery service? Some say yes, but others see UPS delivering much more potential in the future.

A Newbie's Perspective on Amazon.com
After researching the company, and following the discussions on the message board, one new Fool gives his reasons as to why Amazon won't be his investment of choice.

Is Internet Storage Yet Another Threat to Iomega?
With the ability to back up files on the Internet, Fools share their thoughts as to whether they'd use this method to store their stuff, as well as the possible implications it could have for the maker of Zip.

A First Taste of Apple's New Operating System
An Apple Fool fools around with the newest offering and concludes that OS 9 seems a little unpolished, with lots of glitzy features that aren't nearly as useful as they first seem.

Time For a New Set of Wheels?
At what point does repair work become too expensive? That's what one Fool on the Buying and Maintaining a Car board wants to know as he decides between the repair shop and the dealership.

Getting My Ducks in a Row
"I'm in my late 20s, single, working full time, no credit cards, no dependents, and I think I've got myself all set up for my financial future. Are my ducks sitting pretty, or have I missed something that will cook my goose?"

Saving Money... I'm Serious This Time
That's what one Fool on the Living Below Your Means Board says, and he plots out his strategies to prove it. Stop by to offer some money saving tips, or just pick some up for yourself.


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