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Check out these message board conversations, and join in the discussion! But first, please read our disclaimer.

Canadian Investors on Sycamore
It's been one of the most surprising IPOs of the year. So what's the deal with Sycamore Networks? A Canadian Fool takes a look.

Apples in Japan
"These last two weeks Macs have accounted for 50% of computer sales in Japan," writes Standabove. Check out this report directly from the scene.

Berkshire's Electric Acquisition
On Monday, news surfaced that Berkshire Hathaway plans to acquire the MidAmerica Energy Holdings Company, an Iowa-based utility. Contributors on our Berkshire board start examining the particulars.

Berkshire and Patience
A lot of great long-term growth stocks have had flat periods, some of which lasted for years. Should that give some hope for long-suffering Berkshire holders?

Mechanical Investing's Top 15
After a year on the message boards, klouche writes: "After giving some thought I listed the 15 subjects, concepts, tools, data that have contributed most to our collective well-being."

Investing While In Debt?
Does it ever make sense to begin an investment program while you're still working to pay off those lingering debts? Fools on the Credit Card board examine the pros and cons.

UPS and Its Coming IPO
As its IPO looms, investors wonder if UPS company insiders will continue to hold their shares after the trading begins. Will a change in the ownership structure of the company change the way business is done?

Excite@Home in Context
Open access is the issue swirling around AOL and ATHM in their endless chess-match to shape the development of the online world. Read this thread to find out why context matters.

Fool Charity Drive Nominations
It's the time of year when a Fool's heart turns to thoughts of giving. Make your nomination for a worthy cause right here!


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