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Shaking Up the Dow
News that four companies are being removed from the DJIA has one F4 investor asking if the Dow Dogs theory still holds if it's one of your dogs that gets dumped.

Intel Inside the DJIA
What does the inclusion of Intel in the Dow 30 mean for the stock? Will it now be more scrutinized, or just increase the DJIA volatility?

The Downside of Sears
With its removal from the DJIA, does that mean Sears is Dow doggie-doo? A Fool asks how this event might affect the retailer's recovery potential.

Should Microsoft Pay Dividends?
"With Microsoft becoming a Dow stock it would seem that it's time for the company to share some of the profits with the stockholders." Agreed?

Compaq on the Comeback Trail?
Long-time holders of Compaq study its third quarter earnings report for signs the troubled PC maker might finally have a firm hold on the reins of profitability.

eBay's Report Card
An analysis of eBay's quarterly earnings report causes one Fool to conclude that "eBay is not performing up to its full potential."

Pfizer Fools Wage War Over Drugs
A Canadian doctor gives an impassioned view from his side of the border about government control over drug costs. Should the U.S. emulate its neighbor to the north?

Gee, GTE Sues Excite@Home
Without the threat of cable, RBOCs probably wouldn't be rolling out DSL so quickly. Doesn't that weaken GTE's antitrust argument?

Fool Charity Drive Nominations
It's the time of year when a Fool's heart turns to thoughts of giving. Make your nomination for a worthy cause right here!


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